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Crimson Recon was a Ludum Dare 40 entry which ended up being 14th out of 2800+ submissions. The game is currently in development under the name Crimson Resonance which will be way more slick!

If you'd like to play the LD40 prototype, please check the download button below (windows only).

To follow our development process on our commercial succession called Crimson Resonance, please see our Twitter.


Tobias & Meneer Guus

Install instructions

Plug in those headphones and enjoy the ride!


Crimson Recon (LD40 Demo).exe 42 MB

Development log


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quite original and very good shoot em up with great ideas, i would love to see a full version of this Amazing game, i will most definetley purchase, Excellent work guys...Both Thumbs UP!!!

is this game a still on going project or as it been cancelled ?

Hi Denaris, thanks, glad you're looking forward to CR! Don't worry. we're still working on the game, although progress isn't as fast as we would like it to be. Be sure to check out our twitter for more 'regular' updates: https://twitter.com/StudiosTweetal


That is great news, Look forward to playing/purchasing the full game when it is released..Keep up the Amazing work :)

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just letting you know guys i'm still very interested in your mind blowing Amazing game, i don't have a twitter account but i can always look on there anyway & i am more than happy to follow you on here (Itch.Io), i can imagine the progress may be slow because of this Covid 19 Enslavement garbage that's destroying everybody;s lively hoods and businesses so sad indeed and i hope you are all well &  good ?,  Can i ask a small favour about controls i am useless at using WASD keys and much prefer ARROW keys if you can please add that to the controls that will make the game so much easier for me to play, Take care & Thank you very much :)


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Hey man, thanks for your enthusiasm! Sadly enough we have to inform that  Covid-19 has indeed killed our project (for now as we put it on hold). However we're working on a game with a smaller scope for mobile devices which we will release soon (see our Twitter for some upcoming videos). We hope to generate some budget to resume CR.

If you want to experience one final (and audial) 'good bye' to Crimson Resonance, check out this tribute in the form of a soundscape/song: