Tweetal goes Crimson

Hello everyone!

As a continuation of our Ludum Dare 40 entry (which got rewarded 14th out of +-3000 entries) we’ve combined forces and established ourselves as the duo ‘Tweetal Studios’. Together we’ll be building a mysterious, pseudo-horror action-packed game called Crimson Resonance. Our vision is to develop a cinematic, thrilling experience which offers original shoot ‘em up gameplay set within an eerie and post-apocalyptic world, unfolding its story through visual, audial and level design. We draw inspiration from atmospheric games like Limbo, Inside, R-Type Final and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, and aim to translate this into an action packed shoot-em-up game set in a world as dark as the coffee we drink. 

The main mechanic of the game (which was inspired by the Ludum Dare 40 theme ‘The more you have, the worse it is’) is still present, in which you fight the otherworldly-looking threat by using their own matter against them using a tractor beam cannon. This time however, you will be able to use the multi-functional weapon in even more engaging and almost puzzle-solving ways, from battling the cataclysmic swarms to opening up more paths to explore.

Stay tuned for weekly blog updates, and if you haven’t tried the Ludum Dare prototype version, you can download it here:

-Tweetal Studios


Crimson Resonance (Indietopia Demo).exe 42 MB
Aug 22, 2018

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