The Road to Reboot 2/3

Hi folks! I’m writing this during easter and the sun’s going all crazy here in The Netherlands, so I’d say I’m going for a beer after the writing of this blog! Speaking of which, this is the second part regarding our Reboot Develop blog which covers our adventures during the actual event itself, in short!

So, being cheap and poor indie game developers, we figured that we needed a game-stand to stand out of the crowd without spending big heaps of money. We’ve been hunting for cardboard within the urban jungle of Dubrovnik and managed to catch a strip of two. All psyched but a bit tired from the days before (which Lars described in the first part of our blog), we walked towards Reboot Develop for our very first time, equipped with sweet-ass cardboard strips, skewers and for-less-than-5-euro-printed-Crimson-Resonance-posters, while enjoying the scenery of the o' so beautiful Croatia.

Once arrived, we started setting up our game stand on a small table and voila, did we feel like 10 year olds again. True craftsman on the job, we were cutting, pasting and folding to get the job done. We had the brilliant idea to tape the cardboard based poster holder to the back of our laptops, which worked like a dream. Our improvised stand attracted much attention because of the folding and cutting, which was a welcome surprise, and naturally, the soul purpose of a game-stand.

Check out that business card holder between the two laptops, haha!

During Reboot we received loads of positive reactions which was a great acknowledgement regarding our game. There were people returning to play again and again, which is awesome because it showed us that we are on the right track with our humble project. The demo has been finished by several motivated and skilled players; that sounds like few people played the game, but it actually shows that Crimson Resonance forms quite the challenge, which can be a turn-off for some yet this was not the case which made us very, very smiley. Our French friend (and biggest ambassador) was actually challenging himself to finish the game without getting hit. He did not make it though and is resting in pieces, somewhere in the world.

On the second day, again, we were quite tired as we had to rehearse our pitch presentation before breakfast. We started our second day on Reboot by presenting it to investors and publishers, which actually went pretty smooth. The nerves were there, but as we rehearsed a few times we were cool and did our job. It really helped getting the product seen, and resulted in a few investors/publishers trying out our game and sharing their contact details. This can be really important if you want to reach the next step with your product; get seen, get funded. We are still working on that last one, though, hehe.

Apart from all the other, less relevant (yet not less fun) stuff like beach parties, basement parties, drinkin’ with Irish lads and dealing with hangovers, Reboot Develop was concluded with the Indie Awards. To our big surprise we actually won the ‘Best Audio’ Award which created the necessary tears of validation, which both I and Lars had separately once fled outside, far from the crowded halls of Reboot. The award is a huge boost for Crimson Resonance and brings us heaps of motivation, as well as the option to visit Reboot Develop Blue 2020 for free! Funny note is that during the Awards ceremony, they actually showed the wrong part of our trailer, which resulted in the crowd laughing (and us DOH'ing), as that part of the trailer is definelty not that impressive audio-wise.

Indie Awards 2019

I can say that it was an exhausting yet uplifting experience full of conversations, small talk, big talk, checking out games, presentations, business talks, and not to forget a lot of standing around; waiting for people to play your game. That’s dang tiring for us, fragile game developers. It was great fun seeing all of the other projects along with their enthusiastic, like minded Game Designers, and it is super motivating to meet all those people giving love to our project as well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and stay tuned for that true climax of a blogpost which'll be posted by Lars soon!
There, that concludes, meaning that I'm going for that beer...

Tobias, Tweetal Studios

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