We got featured! And: Reboot!

Heya! It sure has been a while!

That’s because Lars and I have been very busy with all sorts of things (apart from the production of the actual game, naturally). Things like; having a business panel presentation at VentureLabs to learn how to deal with investors and possible publishers, winning tickets to Reboot, writing and sending out a first press release, and the creation of a new, short video explaining the base mechanics of the game. All these things led to some great progress, from which a few are very exciting!

So what do we find so exciting? Well, last week we received a few notifications from Google Alerts that Gamespot(!), xboxplus.net and the Belgium website gamequarters.be have featured our game and our early development teaser. That. Is. Great. News! Furthermore we are keen to share with you guys that we will be present at the game event Reboot, Croatia, where Crimson Resonance can be playtested as well!

Be sure to stay tuned as we’re currently working on some satisfying additional gameplay elements as well as new video footage of the game!

-Tweetal Studios

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