Lots of coffee, lots of tears, great progress!

So Lars and I have been very busy lately and made some great progress with our game Crimson Resonance! We decided to do a sprint, meaning working through the weekend, lots of coffee, lots of tears, lots of progress! We’ve made a quick video covering some of the content if you’re keen to see what-is-up. Remember, everything is still in development, so it’s somewhat rough around the edges. Read below for further details regarding the new ‘n fresh gameplay of CR!

Your tractor-beam, normally used for absorbing bullets, acquired the ability to pull and grind rocks. This’ll open up ways (literally) for puzzles and interesting interaction with the world of CR and its foes.

Actually, the tractor-beam has another trick up its sleeve! Being a beam coming from a mining vehicle, it is also able to absorb minerals which can then be shot out serving various purposes. One of them is opening a door, siiickk!

Mineral mining has been added to introduce the player to the main mechanic; absorbing and shooting. These mineral chunks have become a bigger part of the game, adding to the lore of the game and emphasizing the role of the player’s ship; being a mining vehicle set in a post-apocalyptic world. By asking ourselves the question; “Why is the player mining?”, additional questions arose like “What’s the use of these minerals, and why are they here?”, forming a design puzzle which ultimately created a new sub-setting in the world of CR.

So what’s next? Currently we’re working on the rough edges like making sure rocks not behaving in a funny way, ‘quality of life improvements’ like that. After that it’s time to work out the exciting new ideas for the next chapter, where the eeriness really begins!


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